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We are the premier provider of private aquatic facilities.  No more monthly gym fees, over-chlorinated water, jockeying for line time, crowded pools or dirty  locker-rooms.

MHD POOLS would like to introduce two Endless Pools:

Endless Pool Spa that combines the finest and most advance counter-current swimming technology with luxurious spa of the highest quality all in one.

  • The (86-90 degree) pool offers the warm water aquatic therapy for individuals with special needs.
  • Low impact conditioning with non stress on joints, bones and muscles of disabled and elderly.
  • Recreational swimming fully adjustable for swimmers of all abilities; from beginners to olympic caliber to those just playing around .
  • Hydrotherapy spa jets (100-102 degree) are essential for rehabilitation, decreasing inflammation, and removing lactic acid from tired muscles. The stream of water from the jets loosens tight muscles and stimulates the release of endorphins. They also provide a gentle massage.

Original Endless Pool with underwater treadmill critical for most therapy applications.

  • The treadmill simulates land-based walking or running without the stress on muscles or joints.
  • You burn as many calories, enjoy an increased range of motion, and suffer less muscle soreness - all without the pounding of land-based exercises.
  • The current in the pool is remarkably smooth and can be set to variable speeds. With Endless Pool the user can step out of the current if necessary without being pushed to the rear of the pool.
  • Convenient benches located strategically around the pool provide a rest spot or a workout station.

Water exercise when done regularly can help reduce body fat and is extremely beneficial in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, strokes and orthopedic conditions. It improves circulation, strengthens muscles and reduces pain while substantially reducing risk of injury.

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