Fiberglass Pool

Roomy single-shell unit ideal for both commercial and family use

WITH YOUR CHOICE OF THREE WATER DEPTHS, the Fiberglass Pool is optimal for customers interested in swimming, aquatic exercise, therapy, and when the most durable surface is required.

Full depth stairs at the rear provide easy access so the fiberglass swimming pool can be installed in-ground or partially above ground. Since the unit can be made freestanding with optional bracing, it can even be installed fully above ground.

At the rear of the fiberglass swimming pool, a bench is provided for seating. Optional hydrotherapy jets can be installed on the wall behind this bench. Accent tile around the perimeter is a popular option, as are underwater lights and an underwater treadmill.

The pool's extra roominess makes the Fiberglass model perfect for not only concentrated therapy and workouts, but the entire family from kids on up.

Because the Fiberglass Endless Pool is available with greater water depth, it is also popular with customers interested in aquatic exercises requiring deeper water. Water depths are available from 54" to 66".

All Fiberglass Endless Pools are manufactured in a controlled factory environment under strict supervision, resulting in a high-quality pool.

Specifications & Fiberglass Pool planning information

Our FIBERGLASS ENDLESS POOL employs the most durable material available. The molded single shell provides an attractive, smooth finish that fits into many design schemes. The clean interior with built-in stairs and rear bench provides a traditional pool look. This tough finish and greater water depth easily accommodates heavy use, underwater treadmills and higher water temperatures.

  • Footprint: 8'6" x 18'
  • Swim area: 7'6" x 17"
  • Overall height: 60", 66" or 72"
  • Water depth: 54", 60" or 66"
  • Water capacity: 3,900, 4,350 or 4,800 gallons
  • Molded 3/8" reinforced fiberglass
  • Solar cover
  • Circulating pump
  • Cartridge type filter
  • 5 hp swim current generator
  • Electric heater
  • Power Required: 220v, 30 amp GFCI

Offers a family of swimming machines and therapy pools starting as low as $7,400

Endless Pool Fiberglass Pool Starts at $25,900. The Fiberglass Pool arrives with everything required to swim: 8' 6" W x 18' L x 60" D (7'6" W x 17' L x 54" D swim area), white 3/8" reinforced fiberglass shell pool, 5 hp swim current generator, 2 wireless remotes, fiberglass coping, interior built-in stairs, interior built-in bench seat, floating solar cover, pre-plumbed water quality system (circulating pump, electric heater/controller, skimmer/filter), touch button keypad, and 25' dual connecting hydraulic hoses.

Customize your Fiberglass Pool with variable depths, an external structure for free-standing install, treadmill, underwater lights and more. Call our design professionals today at 866-558-7946 and we'll help you choose the perfect Fiberglass Pool for you and your family.

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